Tuesday, January 31, 2012

My personal all-star cast of Mary McCarthy's "The Group"

I just finished Mary McCarthy's "The Group" - and absolutely loved it! The book is about eight women who graduated from Vassar College in the 1930's and their lives, fates and choices after graduation. Quite wonderful and gripping. A real recommendation for anyone interested in that period and the role of women in that time, possibly a must-read for all "Mad Men"-fans.

I must admit that in the beginning I struggled a bit with the many protagonists of similar age and background. To make them more graspable, I imagined having to cast them for a movie-version of the book. I disregarded how well they would fit age-wise and imagined them all to be in their mid-twenties.

So, here it is, my own all-star cast of "The Group":

Kay Strong (“thin, hard-driving, authorative”) – Keira Knightley
Mary Prothero, “Pokey” (“cheerful society girl, very rich and lazy”) – Heike Makatsch
Dottie Renfrew (religious, quiet, follows the rules of society) – Kate Winslet
Elinor Eastlake, “Lakey” (“intellectual, impecable, disdainful”) – Anna Chancellor
Polly Andrews (“fair-haired, the quiet type who knew everything”) – Carice van Houten
Priss Hartshorn (idealistic, easily influenced) – Rachel McAddams
Helena Davidson (“the droll member of the group”) – Emily Blunt
Libby MacAusland (“tall, pretty blonde,” ambitious) – Kirsten Dunst

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